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PAPROS INC. is a company engaged in the efficient application of robust computerized systems for the Chemical Industry and Environmental Planning in the areas of material handling, material and personnel safety related issues, specifically Environmental Impact Studies, Hazard Mitigation, Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction, Emission Inventory Planning and Reports (CA AB 2588 etc.). We specialize in obtaining permits from the County, State and Federal agencies. There is something for everyone ranging from Chemical Industries, Small Business emitters, Environmentalists, Land developers, to County, State and Federal agencies by way of services at PAPROS INC. The following paragraphs will refer you the particular categories and the type of special services we at PAPROS INC. provide.

Chemical Industry: PAPROS INC. will help you in your efforts to reduce pollution by risk reduction, hazard identification and mitigation and safety related training. We will help you in your efforts to comply with the regulations imposed upon you by Federal, State and County agencies and in obtaining and updating permits from these agencies. Our advanced customized assistance in computerizing your efforts in the direction of environmental protection will be of immense help for you. Call us for news of software products from us in developing your own MSDS databases from your datasheets on existing paper records for on-line access rather than relying on other on-line services. Also, please read the last section of this brochure for details of types of contracts with Papros Inc. that may be of interest to you.

Small Business Emitters: Several of the regulations ranging from source testing protocol to obtaining permits are different for you from the bigger facilities. We can assist you in following the specific regulations for example, from local air quality districts or from your water district. We can help you in risk reduction and in new hardware design for your chemical processes and in software for your computers in the field of material safety, personnel safety and safety related training. For example we could customize new visually effective software that is specific for your business and shows graphically the safety instructions associated with the chemicals or the equipment.

Environmentalists: Environmentalists are very interested in the preservation of our ecology, the purity of our land, its precious soil, our water and the air and its components at all altitudes. We offer specialized mathematical and physical modelling combined with robust computer simulation to offer sound advice to you environmentalists. We also provide preparation and interpretation of Environmental Impact Reports. Call us at PAPROS INC. for a estimate.

Land Developers: Land Developers are engaged in the arduos task of interfacing humanity with the environment. They build and provide homes and offices for people in a manner that is beneficial to society while not harmful to the environment. PAPROS INC. can help you Land Developers in your efforts to provide housing and work spaces for the multitudes while you comply with County, State and Federal regulations regarding your water permits, sewage permits etc. Call us for further details. Loggers, too can benefit from our contracting ability to provide Timber Harvesting Plans.

County, State and Federal Agencies: When you need the services of qualified Professional Engineering services in the fields of Chemical Safety and Environmental planning, please do contact us for contract services in the development of EIRs, EmIPs, EmiRs, Risk Assessment and Modeling with multi-pathway, trans-media transfer, and other related services. Sampling for air quality and different toxic substances is available with advance notification of at least 45 days and the results will be analyzed at certified laboratories.

EIRs for Dept. of Transportation needed before environmental planning departments will okay the construction of roads, bridges etc., and similar needs for Dept. of Parks and Recreation can also be provided. Our highly specialized graphic report generating capability combined with knowledge of CEQA and NEPA regulations will generate EIRs or non-requirement statement thereof, as applicable.

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