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Toxic substances in everyday products

Product Toxic/haz. constituent(s)
Antifreeze Methanol, ethylene glycol
Automatic transmission fluid Petroleum distillates
Battery acid Sulfuric acid
Degreasers for driveways and garages Petroleum solvents,alchohols,glycol ether
Degreasers for engines and metal Chlorinated hydrocarbons, toluene,phenols, dichloroperchloroethylene
Engine and radiator flushes Petroleum solvents, ketones, butanol,glycol ether
Hydraulic fluid (brake fluid) Hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons
Motor oils and waste oils Hydrocarbons
Gasoline fuel and jet fuel Hydrocarbons
Diesel fuel, kerosene, #2 heating oil Hydrocarbons
Carwash detergents Alkyl benzene sulfonate
Car waxes and polishes Petroleum distillates, hydrocarbons, heavy metals
Asphalt and roofing tar Hydrocarbons
Paints, varnishes, stains, dyes Heavy metals, toluenes
Paint and lacquer thinner Heavy metals
Paint and varnish removers, deglossers Methylene chloride, toluene,acetone, xylene,ethanol,benzene,methanol
Paint brush cleaners Hydrocarbons,toluene, acetone, methanol, glycol ethers,methyl ethyl ketones
Floor and furniture strippers, polishes and waxes Xylene, heavy metals
Metal polishes Petroleum distillates, isopropanol, petroleum naptha
Laundry soil and stain removers Petroleum distillates, tetrachloethylene
Spot removers and dry-cleaning fluid Hydrocarbons, benzene,trichloroethylene and 1,1,1 trichloroethane
Other solvents Acetone, benzene
Refrigerants HCFCs
Bug and tar removers Xylene, Petroleum distillates
Household cleaners, oven cleaners Xylenols, glycol ethers, isopropanol
Drain cleaners 1,1,1 trichloroethane, inorganic acids
Toilet cleaners Xylene, sulfonates, chlorinated phenols
Cesspool cleaners Xylene, sulfonates, chlorinated phenols
Disinfectants Cresol, xylene, phenols
Pesticides (all kinds) Phenols, sodium sulfite, silver halide,potassium halide, potassium bromide, thiocyanate, ferricyanide,dichromate bleaches, phosphate, ammonium compounds
Printing ink Heavy metals, phenol, formaldehyde
Wood preservatives Pentachlorophenols
Swimming pool chlorine Sodium hypochlorite
Lye or caustic soda Sodium hydroxide
Jewelry cleaners Sodium cyanide

This list is brought to our clients as a service. However, products of individual manufacturers may be subject to change by manufacturer. Viewer is advised to check further and to use these products with the proper care and prevent disposal of hazardous wastes into air, solid waste, sewer, stormwater, rivers, creeks, bays, seas and oceans.

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