The history of RMPRO(TM)

In anticipation of the Risk Management requirements of the 112(r) provisions of the Clean Air Act, RMPRO(TM) was developed starting in the summer of 1993, based on the years of field and business experience Papros Inc. and its employees had through the many years in business. In January 1994, the product was announced and went through four months of rigorous beta testing. Although it was advertised and announced for sale in April of 1994, the compliance driven market, not making plans to buy till governmental rule-making was finshed until after final few years of delay because of continuos feedback to proposed language, was not ready for RMPRO(TM) till the fall of 1997, when active sales began as compliance driven facilities, anticipating the Summer of '99 deadlines began preparing their Risk Management Plans. The product has been undergoing continuos enhancements and its current version is 5.1