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All of our products are Made in the USA by Papros Inc. for distribution by Papros Inc. and its authorized distribution channels.

Since its formation in 1986, the name Papros Inc. has stood for quality in Environmental Management, Process Safety and Engineering Expertise.

Quality note for Professionals.

To ensure the highest quality, look for the "From Papros Inc." mark on all your product packaging and products themselves.

Software for Fortune 500 environmental management & compliance


RMPRO (tm)-Risk Management and Planning for Professionals

AIRPRO (tm)- Air Emissions calculations.

FEPRO(tm)- Fire and Explosion Hazard Assessment for Professionals.


AIRPRO(tm), RMPRO(tm) and FEPRO(tm).

Other products

EMSPRO (tm)- Environmental Management Systems for Professionals, runs on PCs, LANs, WANs, internet and corporate intranets.

PHEPRO(tm) Process Hazard Evaluations for Professionals

PHIPRO(TM) - Process Hazards Inspections and Audits for Professionals.

PHOPRO(TM) - Process Hazards Overseeing for Professionals.

PHUPRO(TM) - Process Hazards Understanding for Professionals.

BSLDSPRO (tm)- Calculations for Land application of Biosolids for Professionals.

TPTMPRO (tm)- Tasks, Permits, Training and Maintenance scheduler for Professionals.

MRPRO(tm)- Multi Material Requirements Planning and order processing for Professionals

PSMPRO(TM)- Process Safety Management for Professionals

BMPRO(tm)- Bill of Materials for Professionals

FERTPRO(tm) Fertilizer loading calculations for soil applications for Professionals

PRMPRO(tm) Project Management for Professionals

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