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Engineering that is Exact, Efficient and Economic for the Enterprise

PAPROS INC. is a company engaged in the efficient application of robust computerized systems for Electronics Manufacturing, Chemical Industry and Environmental Planning in the areas of material declarations, material handling, material and personnel safety related issues, specifically Eco-Compliance, Environmental Impact Studies, Hazard Mitigation, Risk Assessment etc. Papros Inc. is a unique company that straddles the new generation of Eco-Compliance as well as traditional Environmental Management. This is because Papros Inc. has always focused on Total Environmental Management from the design stage to the end-of-the-pipe type eco-management.

Electronic Manufacturers: Papros Inc.'s top of the pack products enable Papros Inc. to offer bundled services for the entire spectrum of Electronic Manufacturers to meet the WEEE, RoHS, EIA, IPC, JEDEC, JGPSSI, China RoHS as well as a host of other regulations.

Chemical Industry: PAPROS INC. will help you in your efforts to reduce pollution by risk reduction, hazard identification and mitigation and safety related training. We will help you in your efforts to comply with the regulations imposed upon you by Federal, State and County agencies and in obtaining and updating permits from these agencies. Our advanced customized assistance in computerizing your efforts in the direction of environmental protection will be of immense help for you. Call us for news of software products from us in developing your own MSDS databases from your datasheets on existing paper records for on-line access rather than relying on other on-line services.

Risk Reduction, Emission Inventory Planning and Reports for all multimedia potential pollutant sources- be it hazardous materials in products or raw materials, air emissions, water, wastewater, solid waste, hazardous materials, hazardous waste or any other source of potential pollution. We specialize in obtaining permits from the County, State and Federal agencies. There is something for everyone ranging from Chemical Industries, Small Business emitters, Environmentalists, Land developers, to County, State and Federal agencies by way of services at PAPROS INC.

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