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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the platform for MRPRO?

A: MRPRO combines the power of the desktop and the internet/intranet. It stores all information in XML. It uses the spreadsheet only for processing data, After each set of calculations, the entire program is fully re-initialized and strict format control ensures strong data integrity. Additionally, users who keep their data in the spreadsheet format will find MRPRO helpful because it can process that data also. For example, users using spreadsheet based survey forms will be able to create product footprint reports in XML based on those survey returns. Alternately, rapid and direct FTP of thousands of declarations from a supplier website is also possible from the program itself. This data can also be processed, be it in XML or spreadsheet format. MRPRO is a database solution for product footprints that uses the power of XML. Spreadsheet interface is used to bring the data down to the viewer and processing, if necessary.

Q. How does it do a complete product footprint?

A. It tracks all pollutants created during the manufacture of a product by aggregating (while uniquely identifying each type of pollutant) pollutants across the supply chain. Pollutants created on site are aggregated similarly stream-wise. EOL and recycling footprint is similarly calculated and tracked.

Q. How many parts can it handle, how many BOMs, how many survey forms?

A. The program has been built to be highly scalable while being easy to use. Thus there is no limit on the number of parts, or BOMs or number of survey forms for which information can be stored, other than the hard disk space. The database is the XML directory for queries are run to access specific types of information.

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