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ICOSMIX- International Convention on Shortmessaging Material Information Exchange

ICOSMIX Version 1.5

The need for recursive supplychain upstream and downstream communications has led to the dire need for using short messaging as a means to identify web locations of key material information needed in various segments of the supply chain for compliance with global regulations. The following are some examples of communications that may be needed.

1. Material Safety Data Sheets

2. Product material composition data

3. Product change notices

Supply chain questionnaires from customers to suppliers


ICOSMIX is thus a convention to promote the use of shortmessaging to reduce supply chain communication complexity in the generation of this type of communications, the capturing of the message and in its mining. For the convention, the origination is not concern, as this is expected to be authenticated by users using other means. What ICOSMIX focuses on is the content, and its harvesting. ICOSMIX is also concerned about having as little limitations as possible to allow the greatest possible freedom in its use. This version 1.5 of ICOSMIX offers this practice for messaging:

typeofdocument std_version itemNumber:12345

Note the std_version string refers to the name of the standard without spaces followed by an underscore and then the version number with no spaces.

As examples, for material safety data sheets in the first line, material composition declarations in the second and product change notices in the last:

MSDS ANSI_v2009 itemNumber:12345

MCD IPC175x_v2.0 itemNumber:12345

pcn - itemNumber:12345

The typeof document refers to the document, the std is the standard or protocol or specification to which the document is written, and version is the version of the standard or protocol or specification to which the document is written, the term "itemNumber:" is enetered as such and the actual supplier's part number is enetred after the ":" followed by the URL referreing to the actual document. All this can be done under 140 characters.

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