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Communications Management and Obsolescence Management using MRPRO AJAX web client-See Screenshots

MRPRO has an AJAX based web client that can share the efforts by due diligent authorized person creating material declarations and evaluating lifecycles across corporate intranets and internet using the latest in web technology. This enables colloborative efforts, rapid dissemination of material information to everyone involved in the product lifecycle and increases productivity. The new Obsolescence Management Report prepared by MRPRO can be deployed across the corporate intranet and internet for information access across the enterprise and the entire supply chain using the latest AJAX enabled web client that optimizes data transfer and increases throughput robustness. It shows the lists of region/ issue specific compliance criteria and the product's/part's status per the criteria. It also shows End Of Life (EOL) timeline, disposal method at EOL and any other comments by the due diligent authorized issuer/maintainer of the data. A separate form also opens up IPC 1752 xml data over the web and displays maximum compositions for all JIG substance categories. ANother form can also display all communications related to the part number. The internal view for company personnel use will show all communications, while the view for external use (outside personnel) will show only Product Change notices or End of Life notices.The AJAX enabled web client will be sold as an optional addition to MRPRO. It is designed to work for all commonly used web browsers. MRPRO's report generator and the optional web client provide a complete environment for Product Environmental Lifecycle Management for companies of all sizes, large, medium or small. By enabling reports to be generated at key specified points, while enabling the deployment of the results across the internet or corporate intranet, and supporting efficient access to the data, MRPRO is thus a strong and sufficient platform for compliance management.

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