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The leader in application of AI to supply chain analysis

Papros is pioneering the application of advanced AI techniques for supply chain risk reductions.

Specifically, first Papros develops the deep insights at the part, material and substance level needed for AI to act on

  1. A thorough supply chain mapping is done that reaches to the depths of the supply chain probing right to the raw materials.

  2. A Bayes transformer is then applied to identify the risks associated with each fork of the supply chain

  3. Advanced analytics allow to determine the least risky paths for operations.

  4. Secondary alternatives are identified as back up in case of issues with primary suppliers.


MRPRO™ is helping US and international companies in the race to meet RoHS and other further approaching compliance requirements by efficiently integrating material data from a variety of sources.

Specifically, in addition to SCIP Conversion

  1. Get material composition data from reliable suppliers in industry standard form IPC 175x or IEC 62474.

  2. Integrate easily calculations as per your industry specific standards, which are made available to you.

  3. Test the rest of supporting information and integrate this data into the product material composition data.

  4. Desktop, Web or Cloud deployment - Have this capability to work on the desktop, web or cloud.

Green Button Connect Service

Green Button Connect and Green Button a common-sense link that allows electricity customers to securely download their own energy usage information from their utility or electricity supplier.

Conflict Minerals

Papros Inc updates MRPRO (the desktop cum hybrid cloud dashboard) for latest RMI/EICC-GeSi CMRT and CoRT templates.