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Papros Inc updates MRPRO (the desktop cum web enabled dashboard)for latest EICC-GeSi template

The EICC site where further information is available

Click this page to see a description of how to use the EICC-GeSi template on the cloud using Microsoft's Skydrive, and MRPRO on desktop or virtualized desktop to track the supplier data

MRPRO works by integrating data across any and all of these platforms, alone or combined, Micosoft Skydrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, IBM Smart Cloud and Dropbox.


Papros Inc.'s top of the pack product MRPRO is helping US and international companies in the race to meet RoHS and other further approaching compliance requirements by integrating efficiently material data from a variety of sources. Specifically,

1. Get material composition data from reliable suppliers in industry standard form IPC 1752.

2. Integrate easily desktop calculations as per your industry specific standards, which may possibly be available to you.

3. Test the rest and integrate this data into the product material composition.

4. Desktop, Web or Cloud deployment -Desktop virtualization enables this capability to work on the desktop, web or cloud.

This program enables enterprises to compute, examine and declare their Material Compositions for their products.

Our other products

Papros Inc. has products in the areas of Environmental Management, Materials Management, Business Intelligence and the threads that tie these elements together for responsible and profitable corporate governance.

There are links to all our other products for the enterprise on this page. Supply Chain information Tracking is fully automated. Total environmental solutions are what we are about.

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