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The new social networking interface

MRPRO brings the power of social media and the rich networking to you. You can seamlessly not only tweet, but search any and all users' tweets for key words or part numbers you choose, and in addition, have links automatically appended to a database archive which you can access any time. there is no special format for the the tweet to be in, in order to search for the key word/part number and to just get the link. However, downloadable files could be identified by simple rules, such as describere here: Being automatically able to capture links from tweets from specific users containing key word/part numbers can be useful and save you time and money because of the following::

1. Eliminates duplication of efforts in sending thousands of emails or FTPs in sending replies and requests for part level information.

2. Data gathering is done in a single click as program just searches through tweets of specified users and captures only those needed per algorithm.

3. Regular clerical staff can run the program and get compliance information for you. The easy user interface enables easy deployment across the enterprise.

4. The company can do its compliance using the latest information from the suppliers as all information is updated in real time.

5. The largest companies, medium companies, small companies and many other entities will benefit from the accrued savings in time, cost and effort.

6. You can choose the suppliers you want to check information for, and you can have thousands of them.

7. Program can be set to run in the background once a day (or once an hour or any frequency of choice) so your Masterlist has the updated information automatically.

8. Your own information is sent in a single tweet, and anybody can capture the information in a similar manner.

9. Supports a diverse supply chain. By being able to search for any key word or part number acroos the specified users' tweets, this mens there is restriction of use of any specific format for just parts information communiactions.

10. Users can rapidly transmit thousands of selected BOM files (within the enterprise usually) or product declarations(to clients) or survey forms(to and from suppliers) by using program eliminating tedious email downloads or FTPs. Thus exchanges between companies can be automated from data kept available on web sites and frequent manual intervention, such as email requests or replies having huge attachments for request of data is unnecessary (though these are also available options in MRPRO). Thus tedium is avoided and efficiency is increased.

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